New Jersey is a smaller state in the US, but aside of that; the state is the second state in the whole country by wealth. Located between two regions, the mid-Atlantic and the North-eastern region, more specifically between the Atlantic Ocean, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  The fact that this state is one of the wealthiest places in the whole US makes this place one of the greatest countries for a living. If you are looking to move, you should certainly consider New Jersey. What will this state offer you? What do you need to know before moving here?

New Jersey

About New Jersey:

New Jersey as a small state and the second wealthiest at the same time gets divided into three regions. The North Jersey region, the Central Jersey region, and the South Jersey area, all three parts are quite different from each other by its culture and geography. With groups of 7 Metropolitan Statistical Areas by the Office of Management and Budget, New Jersey has more the 500 municipalities.


When it comes to the climate in New Jersey, the summers are quite hot and humid, and the winters are usually cold. The weather conditions in this state can be variable because of the of the north-eastern meteorological phenomena that can create higher or lower temperatures during the year.

The Most Popular Cities:

The largest and most popular cities for living in this state are Jersey City, Newark, Elisabeth, Clifton, Paterson, Union, East Orange, Passaic, Camden, and Trenton. Aside from these cities, in this state, there are highly popular smaller cities, quite famous for living and offering access to larger towns and highways, like Princeton, Ridgewood, and Heathcote.

The public transportation in the more major cities is highly developed and coordinated, covering almost every part of the towns. The smaller towns in this state, when it comes to the transportation, it’s trendy among residents so go by foot or with their bicycle.

Things you should know before moving here

If you consider moving to New Jersey, there are few things you should be aware of before you make your decision.

The things you need to keep in mind:

  • New Jersey is called the Garden State, because of the amazing Green Falls of the Passaic River, Palisades Interstate Park, and South Mountain. One of the most beautiful states in the whole country for sure.
  • You should certainly prepare yourself for variable extreme weather conditions. New Jersey can have nor’easters in the early spring and winter. In the summer, there can be thunderstorms for up to 30 of them, but this is variable too.
  • It is an excellent idea to be prepared for the weather conditions in New Jersey, because when the state can experience many power outages in the year when the weather is bad. So, it’s smart to have an emergency place for staying in that case or at least owning a kit of urgency.
  • In this state, the traffic can change the way it turns left. With a ‘’jughandle’’, using a ramp on the right side of the roads. So, be prepared before you learn the way traffic works, and learn how to avoid missing the exits.

Many of the restaurants in this state are using the BYOB rule. That means ‘’Bring Your Own Bottle’’. As a customer of that kind of restaurant, you can bring your own beer or wine. It can be confusing at first, but you will get used to it.