Are exams around the corner for you? Concerned about how to go about studying and dealing with your exams? Don’t worry! We got you. Remember that exams are a temporary worry. Do not indulge in the stress and tension of it too much. Relax and you will be well prepared to face the examination.


  • One of the best ways to prepare for an examination is to practise and revise with the help of previous years question papers. Try to work out and answer past question papers. Even if you don’t know much as if now, taking a look at previous question papers will give you an idea of how to approach the paper and of course it will help you learn the paper pattern. Thus, this is a must.


  • If you have a good amount of time in hand then do four hours in the morning, focusing on whatever you are yet to learn. Finish learning whatever concepts or chapters are completely new and then revise whatever you already know in the evening (another 4 hours). You can divide your study based on what you already know and what you are yet to work on learning. However, if you have a shorter amount of time in hand. Then only do whatever you already know. Just keep revising whatever you are confident about.


  • Get together for a study session with your friends. Contrary to popular beliefs group studying can actually be helpful if you decide on a fixed amount of time and focus for that period of time. Learning from friends can be a lot more helpful for a few students than learning from parents or teachers. You can clarify whatever last-minute doubts you may have. Also, teaching another person or explaining to them whatever you have learnt in order to remember better, always helps.

  • You may think that studying constantly for a lot of hours together will help your case. No. That is a grave mistake most students make. Do not study constantly for too many hours. Just imagine what would happen if a marathon runner ran 24 hrs regularly everyday just so he could win the marathon. His or her body would collapse. Similarly, do not continuously study for exams. Consciously take breaks in between. Take a lunch or dinner break and after eating your meal don’t directly go back to studying, relax for a bit.
  • Remember to sleep. Don’t pull all-nighters unless it’s absolutely necessary. Start studying way before your exam dates so that you have a good amount of time to finish up your portions. Sleep is a must because if you do not sleep well your brain will not function well during the exam. 6 hours of sleep is a definite requirement every day.