As parents, we very excited and thrilled to send our kids to school. We have huge dreams for them, and we want them to succeed in their lives. The children, on the other hand, might feel a little anxious as to how they will fit into the new environment and if they will be able to communicate with everyone in the school properly. Before leaving your child in an environment where they have not been before, you can mentally prepare them so that they will be comfortable when they go to school. The following are some of the things you can teach your child before he/she starts school:

Being Independent:

All this while your kids were at home and they had all the comforts they needed. But when they move to an environment like school none of the people they have seen all their lives are going to be there to help them do various things, and thus they need to know how to be independent and do things on their own. Do not force your child into a challenging situation, instead, train and teach them on how to do things carefully and independently.

Social skills:

Many kids tend to have stranger anxiety and feel uncomfortable in a strange environment, and this is the reason why many children cry their hearts out on the first day of school. To help your children fight such anxiety, you need to teach them social skills where they will have to communicate with other children in school and also to the teachers in school. You can help your child to learn social skills by allowing them to play with other kids so that they will not be anxious when they see new faces.


Teach them the basics:

Your child must know certain basic things like what the names of their parents are, where they live, their phone numbers etc. You can teach them on how to dial a phone and call their parents. Demonstrate it to them and make them do the same. Such basic information is very much needed during an emergency situation, and you never know how it will help you and your child.


Teach your children about the joy of sharing. When your kids go to school, they will be interacting with other little kids of their age, and quite often there might be chances for clashes when it comes to playing with toys. Two kids would want the same toy, and as a parent, you need to prepare your child for such situations. Teach them about sharing and how it is fun to share their things and play with others. It will help your child to get along with other kids and also learn to treat others with respect.