The importance of a powerful education system is detrimental to the individual growth of each and every person on the globe. While there are many people all around the world that take advantage of the privilege they have to even go to school, there are many children that are not able to even make it past primary school and in severe cases, never go to school at all.

Education is thus a big part of growing in life, as well as the development of an individual and a community/ country at large. The lack of education is known to start some of the worst things in life. It starts with poverty as a lack of knowledge struggles to push a community further than that of what they know. It also involves illness unplanned pregnancies in teenagers and young adults and thus, a generation that continues to repeat history.

The Importance of Being Educated

Apart from the foundations which include both pre-school and primary school, there is a lot more to learn if you’re graced with the opportunity of making it to high school and if you’re really lucky, according to most probably either your teachers or parents, college or university. Right?

High school is considered just as important as the foundational phase of your education, primary school. This is due to the fact that you grow from a child into a young adult throughout your high school career. In these 5 years, or in some cases 4 years, you get to make decisions and grow far more than you did in primary school.

This growth can be measured in many different ways. High school education can shape you as a young adult, help you make up your mind about what you like or dislike and when choosing subjects of expertise, ultimately lead to the decision of which career you’d like to pursue after school. It also prepares you for the important decision of whether or not you want to continue your studies after school, join certain programs, take a year off to decide and even start working to test whether you are interested in certain things.


College for a Few Years VS Education for Life

As a wise man once said, you do not need a college education in order to thrive after school or in life in general. Actually, this saying has not been stated by only one person, but several successful individuals all across the globe trying to boost the reality of what society needs to hear. A college education is wonderful. Don’t get this fact wrong. If you know exactly what you want after school, then you’re set, and college will be amazing and just the path for you. For many, however, this is not the case. Some people don’t want to major in one or two things, but everything all at once and there’s also nothing wrong with that either. The trick is to never stop learning in life.

It is important to make decisions that feel good for you, not regret choosing a college or university because someone else wanted it for you or you feel like it’s a choice you have to make. The reality of 2018 and the future is change… And, while not everybody is going to end up as entrepreneurs, take a lesson. Above all, be sure to do something that you love and never stop learning, even though you’ve found your niche.