Before choosing a school for your kid, you should do a lot of research. Not every school is going to focus on the things that you feel are important. Most schools end up taking a performance-based approach that only focuses on how the kids perform and not on their overall development. Here we explore three key factors that you need to be looking to before enrolling your child in a school.

  1. Development

As previously mentioned, most schools work on a metrics system that forces them to focus only on performance. But a child shouldn’t be boxed in when it comes to the type of development he or she is given. A word of advice to parents would be that too much focus on academics can lead to a lot more rebellion from the child in his or her formative years.

  1. Personalisation

What your kid really needs is to be challenged and guided, a lot of schools challenge groups of children but not individual children. This individual care that your child gets in school can go a long way to shape their career in the long run. If your kid feels left out and is drifting from studies, it could well mean that they feel isolated in a crowd based approach to teaching. Although expecting individual attention can be a lot to ask for a school that houses over a 1000 children is a huge ask, it is not completely impossible to expect a subject teacher to personalise the subject that they are teaching to a group of 50 or so. Or if that number seems too big to you, you should be looking at schools with a lower number of pupils in each class.

Team play

  1. The management

This is the most important factor that needs to be taken into account, if the management of the school that you’re sending your little one too is only focused on academic achievements or the amount of money it can make, then quite simply that’s not the kind of school that you should be putting your kid in. The administration along with its teachers should try to improve their schooling experience each day and try to achieve the above two factors every day. With more and more graduates blaming the system for the predicament they’re in, schools have a great opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. A school should be a place to learn and a chance to grow.