About Us

Dr. Montessori recognized that self-motivation is the only valid impulse to learning. Children move themselves towards learning. The teacher prepares the environment, offers activities, functions as a reference person and exemplar, and observes the child constantly in order to help the process of “learning how to learn.” Nevertheless, it is the child who learns, motivated through the work itself, to persist in a chosen task.

The Montessori of Jersey City is the longest running Montessori School in Jersey City New Jersey. Established in 1989 by the Edith Jarquin: a dedicated Montessori teacher with a passion for the Montessori Method and early childhood education.

Our school is conveniently located in the historic Harsimus Cove Community situated between Hamilton and Vanvorst Parks. Our facilities provide an authentic Montessori setting with emphasis on true Nienhuis Montessori equipment. The Montessori school house is a historic brownstone with two floors of old world charm and warmth. Each floor is equipped with modern and traditional equipment focused on developing the appropriate sensorial environment for each age level.

Our staff includes two Montessori certified teachers and two excellent assistants as well as skilled music, dance, and art teachers which are the reason that the Montessori of Jersey City continues to thrive. Our garden area is carefully tended by the staff and children who truly enjoy its rustic beauty and security. Our students have the convenience of walking right out of the classroom onto their private out door garden classroom. Growing their own garden vegetables and science projects are just a few of the many enriching advantages of our outdoor space.

With years of experience our staff is dedicated to providing an authentic Montessori environment with a student teacher ratio unmatched in the area. Our small classroom size guarantees inPidual attention and results. Each child will have the opportunity to gather the skills and emotional development to master high academic levels.

The Montessori’s years of establishment has proven the power of early childhood care . This cultivation is supported by the fact that many of its alumni have attended some of the best high schools and universities in United States.


Montessori School of Jersey City is a full member School and adheres to the AMS Code of Ethics.